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Shooter Challenge


Every First and Third Saturday of the month.


Saddle River Range and CrossFit Enoch have developed a  shooters challenge that will test your shooting and physical weaknesses. Join us as introduce stress into your firearms training by running and gunning in a controlled, safe, fun, team based environment. Details of the course of fire are soon to come. Step up your shooting and sign up today.

Training will be scaled for all levels of physical fitness and firearm proficiency, however, a base level of experience in both is required for safety.

Cost: $40  (discounted rates available for members of Crossfit Enoch, Saddle River Range Gold and Crockett members please contact for details)

Duration: 90 minutes

Participants: maximum 12 students

Course of Fire: Two 30 round courses of fire ( Courses of fire will change each event)

Required Gear:  Pistol, at least 3 magazines or the ability to have 30 rounds loaded, eye & ear protection, work out or duty apparel, water, motivation and a desire to learn.

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